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  • Shichahai

    Shichahai, Beijing City, is a historical and cultural tourism scenic area, Beijing historical and cultural protected areas. Located in the city center of Xicheng District

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  • Tianqiao

    In the history of Beijing, the part is to appreciate as the center of the Royal aristocrats of Beijing; part is by a footbridge for civilians on behalf of Beijing. Is the civilian population of Beijing to create the Royal aristocratic Beijing.

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  • Dazhalan

    Dazhalan is a famous commercial street outside the front door of Beijing city. One piece is also refers to Dashanlan street and Langfang headline, street food shop, coal street. Dazhalan is located in the ancient Beijing Center lots. It is an important pa

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  • Liulichang Street

    Liulichang Street, located in Beijing outside the peace, Beijing is a famous cultural street, it originated in the Qing Dynasty, when around Beijing in imperial examinations of the lifts are mostly concentrated in this area, so here sell books and pen and

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